Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dark side of me.(poem)

Half of myself remains hidden,
The darkness I hide,
My thoughts and feelings unacceptable,
My tears cried

The rage and sorrow buried
It lingers in my soul
In my heart
Lies such an empty hole

Hate for everything and everyone I love
Hate towards myself grows stronger
I am my worst enemy
I understand myself no longer

Each day I fight a silent battle
With the reflection in the mirror
I HATE myself
Each day it becomes a little more severer

Family means nothing to me
I try, trust me I do
My efforts go unnoticed
They are long past due

I sit and cry,
Silently I shout
I go numb inside,
I need to let it out

I want to run away from this sorrow
But im just another cause of my pain
I make myself sick
Im starting to go insane

…I want to cry, I want to die, I want to scream, I want to shout

But instead I let myself sit here…I let my numbness burn into rage…and fade into sorrow…I don't look in the mirror as I pass. My eyes dripping with tears, I cant take life now, I cant take my fears… I cant take myself

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